Day 3 – First 100 Days

“Slow and steady the turtle wins the race,” African proverb

For some of us, the start of the New Year brings a huge burst of energy. The feeling of having a clean slate can motivate us to fill our plates with too many activities, goals and promises. We take everything  on at once because we want to do better than the previous year.

While some might be overly energetic and ambitious, others might feel the pressure of a New Year filled with uncertainty. It’s so important to keep the start of the New Year in perspective.  There is no magic just because we’ve flipped the calendar. Before you plunge into any new venture, be certain to do your homework. Research what it is you aim to do, and then follow through. You will have more success if you understand, not just what you want to do, but how to do it efficiently. Take time to read, listen to podcasts, watch videos, or call someone and ask questions. Don’t be a know-it-all. Become a master at what you seek to do. Your journey will become easier. Hopefully, you will avoid potholes that were predictable with common knowledge.

If you aim to start a business this year be certain to subscribe to a business publication. Read something about your chosen area of business. Listen to small business podcasts and take notes. Find a small business organization that provides free business start-up assistance. Focus your energy on the early learning stages of starting a business, and when the time is right, launch that new business idea. Always check out the sources of the information. Avoid falling victim to scams and schemes that bait unsuspecting people into shaky business groups.

Keep rising!

Alice & Alicia


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