Day 1 – Happy New Year! Let the Journey Begin

“Little by little grow the bananas,” African proverb from Zaire

Today is the first day of our 100 day journey. We wish you much success in 2017. It is key that you do not try to accomplish everything you set out to do in the first week. The First 100 Days is a marathon. You must pace your self and not try to force solutions or results too soon. If you work diligently each day –you will see results. If every action has an equal or greater reaction, then if you put action toward your plans you will see the fruits of your labor. Don’t get overly ambitious. Taking on too much might be a recipe for self-sabotage. We don’t want you to run out of steam after a few hours of this journey.  We also don’t want  you to become discouraged if you don’t see immediate results in what you aim to accomplish.

Take time to make your plan. Set your intentions down on paper, and then get busy taking steps to accomplish your aim. If you are looking to improve your health then you should decide what you will do to improve your health. You might decide to join a local gym, or join a walking group. If there are no groups in your area, you might want to start a group. Commit to some positive activity daily.  Don’t beat up on yourself if you miss a day of activity. Get back on track and keep it moving.

If by chance you do achieve your goals well ahead of schedule and you are able to take on more, then by all means, add new challenges to your list.

Our aim is to use group unity and to cultivate a powerful force of energy that propels positive changes in life. That’s why we are grateful that you are taking this journey with us.

Keep rising!

Alice & Alicia Crowe


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