FIRST 100 DAYS Challenge 2017

What you do the FIRST 100 DAYS determines what you will accomplish the rest of the year. Your actions must be consistent and focused to see results. Taking action is key. Small concentrated actions each day can make a difference.

“Little by little a bird builds its nest,” African Proverb
Join us in a collective challenge to start the FIRST 100 DAYS of 2017 focused on something that you are determined to achieve. This is a supportive collective journey to help people focus on achieving goals and aspirations. We are determined to rise even in the face of adversity, uncertainty and hard times.
The challenge is to help people stay accountable to their goals in a no pressure, friendly, supportive community.

Please share your journey with us. Feel free to share it with your friends. Stay positive and keep rising! #stay100

Prepare for the FIRST 100 DAYS NOW!

1. Set Focus – Write down goals or things you wish to do. Make a list.

2. Get Resources – Research information on how to achieve your goal. Compile “How To” information. Make a plan.

3. Remove Obstacles – Say “No” in order to say yes to what you want to accomplish. Don’t over commit yourself to time wasting activities that will interfere with what you are trying to accomplish.

1. Start a business, organization, a club.
2. Lose weight
3. Write a book
4. Save a specific amount of money
5. Take a course on coding
6. Travel
7. Self Care

This forum is for educational purposes. Our aim is to use group unity to stay inspired and encouraged. This is not the place for any other types of religious discussions, hidden agendas, distractions, or multi-level marketing schemes.